Operation : Look after Marius

If you don't know who Marius Gayle is by now then you have probably

been living under a rock for the last 18 months... Marius has been destroying all obstacles in his path,

this has not gone un-noticed by one Jon Julio, and consequently Marius is now riding THEM.

I had the pleasure of him coming to stay with us for a week or so to experience the sights sounds and smells of our oh so great capital,

before he flew to the US last year where he was picked up by THEM.

Marius in short is a delight and I felt honoured to have had him as someone who has graced our sofa for a short while. With all the house members working and it being late notice of the arrival, we did what we can, where we can, as is the Beaford theme, to allow the incorporation of blading, sightseeing and everything in between into Marius' visit.

AO Top Pawn @ Ghetto Park

During his time he got to see the touristic highlights of the London CityScape and the touristic lowlights of Morden at the end of the Northern line. The Warriors created Ghetto Park and some infamous and Iconic London Spots but enough about that.....

Truespin Negative Makio @ Ghetto Park

Marius has one of the biggest hops that I have seen from anyone in a long time, the height he can generate is a seemingly unreal thing and is completed with ease, competence and an elegant level of steez.

He is humble and blissfully unaware of the level of skill that he posesses, has a varied vocabulary and is able to flex this on a wide variety of spots which adds to the excitement of a session with this young gent. I hope that this is evident in the few Pics which I shot that you can peep thoughout this article.

Top Soul @ The Infamous NM Curve Rail

All of us here at BANK, look forward to seeing more from this talented blader in the future

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