Photography by Gareth Morton AKA Stig - / @garethmorton

Video by Thomas Sharman - / @tomsharmanvideo

Word by Leon Humphries - @cheersgod

Event by - @capitalrollas @birdseyeview @j.p_harris

The second London street jam took place in mid August. Despite the overwhelming responsibilities of adult life, Blake Bird and Jamie Harris organised this day for everyone to enjoy.

Birdman Construction at your service

The event is in a rather strange area of London. The Thames path in Woolwich is bereft of any discernable character. Apart from the river itself, there is very little to identify London there. It is industrial and suburban at the same time. The distant skyline of Canary Wharf dominates the view looking west.

This is Lee Devereaux!!!!!

It is striking how large London is. As you gaze out towards that view, up the river, a reflection takes place. Thousands of sessions over time in the ever changing metropolis and suburban terrain. Whatever this area was missing in terms of a classic London image and 'character' was made up by the presence of the attendees. Lots of joking, conversations and fluid socialising made sure the day was enjoyed by all. It was especially heart warming to see friends of our bring their young children to the event, some of which had their own tiny skates on!

Jack Swindells - AO Fishbrain

The spots used for the event were in part makeshift. Blake & Jamie worked on some additions that they constructed. Plastic copings and boxes were used to provide the riders with objects to grind. The final spot has a natural bank to rail or long rail to bank. The spots were encouraging for the riders. This was not an event that beckoned suicide attempts. Riders had a lot of fun skating with each other. Riders of all abilities joined in, smiling and working hard to skate well. This was a 'jam'.

Jo Zenk - Fishbrain to Fakie
Joe Atkinson - Cess Over to AO Fish

The event was won by Jo Zenk. He travelled from Germany to be with us on this day. His versatile skill set and boundless energy was more than enough to secure the top spot. His assimilation to his surroundings and energy shared with his counterparts was appreciated. Dinosaurs like myself and Andy Spary somehow shuffled onto the podium alongside him.

Leon Humphries - AO Fishbrain
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The event wouldn't have been as successful had sponsors not provided prizes and cash for the best performers. There was also a raffle, among peripherals such as wax and stickers, the annual Gawds hat was also up for grabs. There seems to be some gravitational force between Gawds hats and Matt Chilvers. Last year he won the bucket hat, this year he takes the baseball cap. A third year in a row would certainly raise suspicions of brown envelopes being passed around behind the scenes.


The resources within the London skate community never cease to provide. The after party was accommodated by our close pal Luciano Moreira. He runs the Garden Bar in Elephant and Castle. Most of the group travelled across London to relax and socialise after the success of the event. Thanks to everyone involved in this day. It was a pleasure to be a part of a true community event.

Jo Zenk - BBC1 Fastslide
Wes Thomas - Misfit
Julian Coulter - Frontflip Attempt
Jack Swindells - 270 BS Torque to Soul
Jake Eley - Zerospin Fishbrain
Wes Thomas
Prizes from Jack
The Man, The Legend
BANK Photographer Melon
Matt, Rob, Liam and Fam
Louis and Franz
Matt, Joe and Leon
Rob and Dee
Over There Sharman
Garz and Pupz

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