Audio Influences in Skating: The Blah Records Connection

Photos : Jorgen Nijman, Leon Humphries, James Bower

Text : Leon Humphries

What really synthesised my interest in music  was the variety of artists featured in the corpus of 90s skate videos. The most featured genre...

In 2018, 20 years deep into his skate life, Jörgen Nijmän has finally filmed a complete video part. That Jörgen had not managed to do this before is quite incredible. For all of his obvious skill and dedication he has but fleeting skate video appearances. Jörgen has ce...

Annually, the city of Eindhoven has become the venue of what can only be described as the world's most important skate festival. Prior to this year, Winterclash had created then surpassed benchmarks of what a skate event could or should be. Winterclash being defined as...

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