Bank London 2021


2020 asked some deep questions of the individual and collective resolve. The circumstances need no further explanation. 

Despite it all, aggressive skating somehow flourished. In London, the current iteration of aggressive skating  blended with other tangents of skate practice & participation.

The symbiosis of styles has been evidenced by the diversity of participation at Bay 66 skate park, where after upwards of two decades, a 'roller only' night has been established. What can be looked forward to is a rich and diverse platform of skate practice to welcome people into this world.

When 'lockdown' was implemented, the dependence on the practice of skating became a crystallised issue plastered across the digital arena. Eventually, the Orwellian spectre of social restrictions withdrew and gave breath to the resumption of skate life. 

Something that had happened was a basic sense of valuing what you have. For instance, Such a privilege it is to go skating. A privilege it is to have accessible equipment in a flimsy industry with other humans to connect with.  

Our minds had to drift towards areas of attention that were uncomfortable.

The plights of those who have nothing and are threatened by the changes underway are only compounded by fact that the world has been like this forever.

Awareness of one's own discomforts were strobes in the recess. A balancing system was and is necessary. What can be hoped for is a kinder and more aware mentality of being, employed to our brothers and sisters.

Without digressing too far into unending challenges of being, a skate renaissance is born.

A city with less intensity of numbers and scheduled employment created more space. The zest of our city took a hit.

One of the things that performing street stunts does is add vibrancy. A responsibility undertaken willingly.

In this moment less friction with security guards and police brought the tension levels down.

A central London spot came to prominence as it was needed.

As seen in 'Reconnections' the video shows a stream of more social than 'serious' skating. The title suggests the same.

Throughout the year, a gradual acclimatisation to the times was needed. Skate sessions sustained in all directions.

Secret projects were worked on to unveil. Moving into the uncertain, skating retained, even grew in stability.

Those who cast their skates away years ago discovered their inner child, a source of reflection, a whimsical sensation they longed for.


For now, that's a beautiful thing. It represents the profundity of reflections, the profundity of your narrative and your beginning.